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Welcome Back!!

The 2021-2022 school year is here! Let's make is a great one!

We welcomed the students back with a bright and cheerful lawn sign as they arrived to school on the first day back.

We were "Buzzing with Excitement" for them to all walk in the building and see this BEE-utiful bulletin board reminding them to "Bee Kind...Bee Responsible...& Bee Safe". Thank you to our Bulletin Board Committee - Daniella Fiorilli, Barbara Accetta, Inna Rabinowitz, Karen Byrne, Jane Bendor, Lysa Papa, Natalie Samter and Maria Scarpinato for all their hard work!

But before school started, the PTO provided the teachers and staff with lunch as they all worked hard to get ready for the start of school the following week. 90 lunches served! Thank you to Kate Reale, Julie Pollack, Inna Rabinowitz amd Jim Danalewich for organizing.

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