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Who is the Principal?

          Mrs. Kerry Ford


Who is the Assistant Principal?

          Mr. Andy Galotti


Who are the School Secretaries?

          Secretary to Mrs. Ford:  Mrs. Margie Lieto
          IMES Office Assistant:  Mrs.  Jennifer Ferentini


Who is the Nurse?

          Mrs. Kopf


How do you contact the school?

          Call 763-7117 or 763-7155 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


How much does lunch cost?



What time does school start?

          9:15 a.m. (Main doors open at 9:10 a.m.)


What time does school end?  

          Buses pull out at 3:45 p.m.

          Pick-ups are in the gym at 3:40p.m. 

Where can I find pick up and drop off procedures?
         Go to the Principal's Letters tab on this website for detailed instructions.


What time is CCC?  
         CCC will be held in the cafeteria from 8:00 a.m. - 9:10 a.m. and from 3:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


When will you have P.E., Art, Music and Library?

         All grades K- 5 will have 1 art, 2 music, 3 PE, and 1 library (each 45 minutes per session).


How are you expected to behave and dress when you are in school?

Increase Miller has "Be Your Best" Code of Conduct and in addition, there is also a District Code of Conduct which is more thorough and detailed. Both have a Commitment Letter that must be signed and returned prior to the start of school.  The Codes of Conduct outline the expected behaviors and dress code of all students during the school day as well as behavior on the bus and at before and after school events.


How do we keep students safe at Increase Miller?

We practice drills regularly. On September 28th at the Principal's coffee/PTA Meeting, a review of safety procedures will be presented.  Friday, October 7th is a scheduled early dismissal drill - 15 minutes early dismissal. 


Other Important Phone Numbers:

       Attendance Phone:        914-763-7150

       Transportation Phone:   914-763-7231

Educational Acronyms

IMES - Increase Miller Elementary School

KES - Katonah Elementary School

MPES- Meadow Pond Elementary School

JJMS - John Jay Middle School

JJHS - John Jay High School

KLSD - Katonah-Lewisboro School District

BOE - Board of Education

PTA - Parent Teacher Association

PTO - Parent Teacher Organization

SEPTA - Special Education Parent Teacher Association

CCC - Country Children's Center - child care

WIN Time - What I Need Time

DBQ - Document Based Question


APPR - Annual Professional Performance Review - a state-approved and required teacher and administrator evaluation plan.  APPR is part of a 2010 state law passed in part to make NY eligible for federal grant money in connection with the Federal Race to the Top Program. Aside from more demands on the administrators, teachers (last year 4-8, this year K-12) now have more responsibility for how kids perform on assessments. The Aimsweb system will be used for collecting and recording data and will include a set of test measures for reading and math. These assessments are used to identify students at risk and monitor their progress.


CC - Common Core - this is the national curriculum being implemented this year. So far 45 states have adopted these grade level curriculum standards designed to elevate and standardize education across the country. Incentives to adopt the curriculum include the opportunity to compete for Race to the Top grants. At KLSD, we are not interested in teaching to the test. Instead the focus will be on good teaching/learning techniques. Every child has the right to learn something new and exciting every day. Assessments may change to reflect the new curriculum. A significant change is that now all students can take Calculus in 12th grade if they so desire.


DASA - Dignity For All Students Act - new legislation that indicates when a school district may be in violation of federal civil rights statutes when “peer harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex or disability is sufficiently serious that it creates a hostile environment.” For more information, see “R-E-S-P-E-C-T: It’s a Law” in From the Middle.



PLC - Professional Learning Community - educators working collaboratively with the focus on student learning using data and assessments to enhance learning.


Race to the Top - a $4.35 billion U.S. Department of Education contest designed to rejuvenate and streamline kindergarten through 12 grade education


RTI - Response to Intervention - is an academic strategy used to identify and intervene with academically struggling students. Also required of the district, RTI is a three tier prevention plan that relies on assessment results to address deficits in understanding. In the short-term, the response will be similar to “building level” services. Longer-term, RTI is expected to reduce the number of students fully classified; no more “slipping through the cracks”. The program is currently used in kindergarten through sixth grade with plans to expand to the high school next year.

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